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VOTE for School Tax Renewals

December 12th

This is not a new tax, it is not a tax increase, and it is not a general fund tax. It is simply the renewal of the current tax at the same rate to fund our schools.

On December 12, Madison County voters will see several property tax renewals on their ballot. These property taxes currently provide a total of $58 million in local education funding and must be renewed. This renewal is critical for our children, as every local public school receives resources as a result of this funding. 


Funding our Future: Revenue generated through the property tax is essential to our schools’ ability to prepare our children to be competitive in the 21st Century.


Renewing our Commitment: Property taxes must be renewed at least every 30 years. The taxes you will see on your December ballot must be renewed before the levy of these taxes expires. Our community has always rallied behind our schools to maintain this funding, and it is time to do it again.


Keeping it Local: The renewals are solely for school funding and are distributed among the three local school systems – Huntsville, Madison and Madison County. A vote for the renewal is a vote for our community. Vote FOR the renewals

Total CURRENT ANNUAL Public School Funding at Stake:

Madison County:     $ 14,300,000
Huntsville City:         $ 37,650,000
Madison City:             $ 6,500,000

Total:      $58,450,000

VOTE "For" the Renewals on December 12th. 

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