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Support Tools for Back-to-School

Between July 12 and July 23 you can make a BIG impact with a small donation when you buy your groceries at Publix Super Markets. For the second year in a row, The Schools Foundation has partnered with Publix in its Tools for Back-to-School register collection campaign, which benefits our public schools in Madison County.


Visit the Publix Super Markets from July 12–23 to donate as you check out. Your donation helps students who may not have basic learning materials like pens, markers, crayons, or notebooks. In some classrooms, teachers have been known to use their own money to provide these resources. Your financial support will also help our three school districts support additional needs and projects in Huntsville City Schools, Madison City Schools, and Madison County Schools. For instance, last year was such a big success that your generosity helped to fund needed supplies in STEM classrooms, rewards for positive classroom behavior, and even a NEW type of classroom called a sensory or outdoor classroom.  


With Tools for Back-to-School, teachers and students can focus on doing what’s most important in the classroom...teaching and learning.


Thank YOU, and thanks to our partner Publix! Together, we can make a difference in our public schools throughout Madison County.

Publix Stores participating in Tools for Back-to-School in Madison County:

  1. Store 209 – 12796 Bailey Cove Rd SE

  2. Store 573 – 6707 Highway 431 S

  3. Store 574 – 4851 Whitesburg Dr SE Ste B

  4. Store 598 – 8000 Madison Blvd Ste A

  5. Store 1126 – 2246 Winchester Rd NE

  6. Store 1190 – 12290 Highway 231/431 North

  7. Store 1218 – 5850 Highway 53

  8. Store 1451 – 310 Pelham Ave SW

  9. Store 1612 – 1660 Old Morovia Rd NW

  10. Store 1629 – 2286 Zierdt Road

  11. Store 1638 – 350 Hughes Road

  12. Store 1642 – 7129 Wall Triana Hwy

  13. Store 1726 – 417 John Henry Way

  14. Store 1785 – 9040 Memorial Pkwy SW


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