The Schools Foundation is a 501c-3 non-profit organization with one very important goal: to support Huntsville City Schools, Madison County Schools and Madison City Schools of Alabama. We work to create higher expectations and widespread community support, leading to world-class performance of principals, teachers and students.



The Foundation serves as an education advocate and provides a central voice for strategic engagement on many of the current and pressing issues relating to education impacting our schools. We have continuous interaction with local and state boards of education and education leaders and serve as a vehicle for individuals and businesses to support public education.

  • There is nothing more important than our students.

  • Parent, business, and community involvement are essential for quality education.

  • Teachers must have personal and career development opportunities that help inspire and prepare students to be successful.

  • On-going communication among stakeholders creates mutual trust and respect.

  • We cannot solely depend on local, state and federal governments to fully meet our needs.

  • Every constituency within the community has a stake and deserves a voice in the success of public education.


Support initiatives that promote high expectations for professional leadership.

  • Ensure an engaged and involved community in order to create a strong sense of belonging, caring, involvement, and support.

  • Support cross-district collaboration.

  • Seek financial support for educational needs.


The Schools Foundation is composed of an all-volunteer board representing Huntsville, Madison County, and Madison City. A growing number of volunteers work with board members and school leaders to support the educational initiatives of The Schools Foundation.


Brenda Terry, AMSTEC. - President

Bob Berinato, Dynetics - Vice President

Bill Marks - Treasurer

Chris Wooten, Wooten Injury Law - Secretary

                             GOVERNING BOARD OF DIRECTORS


Pam Barnes, Retired Teacher

Kim Brown,  KC Brown Law Firm

Mark Debro, Grace, Matthews & Debro, LLC

Tammie Dodson, Adtran

Sarah Fanning, Retired Teacher

Joel Guske,  Redstone Federal Credit Union

Drew Yarbrough, UAH

Bekah Schmidt, Toyota

Lillian Henderson Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Bob Lott, SAIC Corp.

Kristina Minyard, HRecruit LLC

Patricia Steele, Huntsville Utilities

Taron Thorpe, CB&S Bank

Tawana Townsend, Dept. of  Army

LtGen Willie Wiliams, USMC (Ret)

Mary Beth Wilson, Jacobs Space Exploration Group



Stephanie Kelley, Executive Director

Liz Boykin, Administrative Coordinator

 2018 Annual Report

We are delighted to present our 2018 Annual Report.

Download it now to learn about all the amazing thing we achieved in the past year!


A united Schools Foundation was formed in the fall of 2000 to enhance public education in all public schools in Huntsville, Madison County, and the City of Madison.  This Foundation identified new partners, eager to contribute toward the enhancement of public education in all area schools.

With the support of the community, this vision has resulted in:

  • enhanced educational opportunities for students

  • new professional development opportunities for teachers and principals

  • the creation of the education taskforce

  • a pattern of collaboration among the school districts

  • a growing volunteer organization

Better educational opportunities benefit not only students but also local economic development and the quality of life enjoyed by everyone in our community.

Since 2000, The Schools Foundation has expanded collaboration with community, educational, and corporate partners in support of:

  • Speak Up Huntsville City, Madison County, and Madison City! -a community engagement initiative

  • A+ College Ready -for advanced placement in math, science, and English

  • Principally Speaking Network -with the participation of  72 school principals

  • Military Child Educational Coalition

  • Teacher Scholarships

  • Excellence in Education Classroom Grants

  • Powerful Conversations Network

  • Team America Rocket Challenge

  • Distance Learning Technology

  • North Alabama Kindergarten Conference

  • The Great Teacher Conference

  • Sign Up To Round Up! -a citizen driven program with over 2400 participants

  • Federal Impact Aid program

  • Department of Defense Education Agency grants

  • Redstone Arsenal Garrison Education initiatives

  • Chamber of Commerce Workforce Education Coalition

Quality public education is the key to our future. The Schools Foundation is committed to supporting quality education for all students and contributing to the prosperity of our community.