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Principally Speaking Network

Principally Speaking Network “PSN” is a professional development program for school administrators designed to assist participants in increasing student achievement through more effective leadership practices. This is accomplished by:

  • Building a sustainable network of support and collaboration among school principals

  • Developing strategies for successful resolution of leadership challenges

  • Establishing a climate that supports high expectations for student achievement Specific goals include:

  • To increase the number of students achieving at higher levels on reading and math assessments

  • To close the existing achievement gap that exists between gender, economic and racial groups


Through a series of collaborative sessions, participants use protocols and current research to identify specific practices that improve teacher effectiveness and that can be applied to enhance professional development at the school level.


Each PSN session involves collaboration in large and small groups and operates with the guidance of a skilled facilitator.


As the instructional leader of the school, participants work to gain or enhance the ability to translate student assessment into specific teaching practices. Participants maintain a focus on rigor and curriculum. Participants use data diagnostically and demonstrate this through self-assessment and personal reflection. At the core of PSN, is the belief that it is imperative for principals to have honest conversations about what is working and what is not in order to be successful in improving teacher effectiveness.

PSN provides the opportunity for participants to collaborate across district lines in a risk free environment, addressing real issues that provide daily challenges. Participants work in collaborative groups to articulate a shared vision of what good teaching is, how to promote the most effective practices, and how to successfully eliminate or reduce the practices that interfere with teaching and learning at the highest levels. Technology, community resources, and lessons in leadership from successful business professionals are incorporated to support the learning of PSN participants.

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